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“Various forms of sun expected for upcoming week”

This mildly tongue-in-cheek weather note tells you something about Oregon weather this Spring–2nd wettest in 117 years of weather records (#1 was 1993). If anyone in the South is wondering where the rain went, it’s up here. Like the use of “allegedly.”

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I’m Dreaming of a White Britain

Thanks for the cool photo, NASA! (Click to see the yummy detail.)

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Yesterday I left the house to drive to a client, sun shining, lovely day. Ten minutes later it hailed like anything, little sixteenth inch white balls covering everything, bouncing as they hit, knocking petals off trees. I was negotiating icy, baffled traffic so I didn’t get a chance to take a photo until the hail […]

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Mossy writin’

It rains it Oregon a lot.

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Ice storm

Driving through Kansas and down to Colorado Springs yesterday we went through an annoying but not too dangerous ice storm–we weren’t sliding around and didn’t see any cars flipped over or the like. On a tip from the motel clerk we found a Korean restaurant and had excellent Dolsot Bimbimbop. It’s hidden in a strip […]

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