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Radiation vs thingything vs pat-down

Here’s an apparently-regularly updated list of airports that lack the irradiation option, in case you don’t feel like being x-rayed by potentially unsafe machines.

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The McFarthest Place

Map showing density of McDonald’s across the 48 states. Head for the black spots (but look out for oceans). One of the reasons we want to explore SE Oregon.

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Frugal Travel

An article after my own (cheap) heart.

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Overheard After We had Landed and were Taxiing to the Gate

Well dressed twenty-something pulls out her phone the second they say we can and starts making calls. The call that begins “hi daddy” continues: Yeah (pause) Yeah the flight was okay. (pause) Well it’s just so cramped, you know it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a public airplane.

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Seat Guru

If you’re like me (not if you like me, which of course you must), you wanna pick your seats on an airplane with some sense of where the bathrooms and bulkheads and, most important, where the view-obscuring wing is. Seat Guru let’s you look at the layouts of tons of airlines and comment on the […]

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JFK, 2009

OK, not much of a photo, but how long has it been since TWA went under?

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The little car that took us cross-country with nary a complaint. Hail to you, froggenfreude.

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The Border

We just crossed the Snake River into Oregon at Ontario, OR.

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Cross the Rio Grande

Alamosa, CO. It’s 62 here!

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Blanca Peak

14,000 ft collection of peaks seen from several angles as we rose above the icy clouds and crossed La Veta Pass and decending into the San Luis Valley. Soon we’ll be following the upper Rio Grande before Wolf Creek Pass. It’s a lot warmer here, though really really windy.

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