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The Pump Train

Neat photos of the special subway cars used to pump the water from Sandy out of the tunnels. Photo by MTA/Leonard Wiggins.

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Who Chooses The Poses?


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Subway B/W

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Subway Graffiti

Someone has something to say. But why?

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Subtle Graffiti

Ah, what mischief can be done at Dekalb Avenue with only a sharpie.

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Really? On the Subway?

Some light reading courtesy of the MTA.

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Hurdy Gurdy

The hurdgy gurdy is an old, old instrument. Developed from the organistrum, it drones and melodicizes in a pleasing way, at least for those of us who like bagpipes and the like. The coolest thing about them is that the rhythmic element of the drone is produced by subtle variations of the crank hand — […]

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Detourned/replaced subway notices

Replacement signs on the L train, these featuring the male leads from the excremental Full House , via BoingBoing. A slightly subtler sign from one of the commentators.

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