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His father helped me get into the academy

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A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season One

Picked up this funny zine at Reading Frenzy yesterday. Ostensibly by “Joshua Chapman, Grade 7″ in 1990, I think it’s actually made by Zach Mandeville, a contemporary artist in Olympia, WA. How autobiographical it is I couldn’t say, but for Next Generation nerds it’s pretty right on and funny. Microbrain:….The people on the Enterprise seem […]

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Turns Out bin Laden was Cardassian…

A German news outlet picked the wrong logo. (via skepchick)

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The Wall of Shatner

Go check it out.

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More dino fuels

Flintstones influence? Crazy stupid.

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Of The Infinite Possible Themes For A Blog…

…would you choose to make a blog entirely devoted to screenshots of Commander Riker?

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