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A tree grows in my car

Maple seeds + car + rain = tree

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Perfect day for a hike

It’s been weird non-typical summer non-summer weatherwise. We are bound for a hike in the gorge. We are hoping this stops in the next half hour. At least the waterfalls will be running. * * * ok, it got nicer

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On the road again

After staying up far too late packing too much stuff, we awoke to heavy and unceasing rain. Ridiculous amount of rain. Rain! After a use-up-things-in-fridge omelette, packed the car in the rain, wrestled things into place in the trunk and backseat, and rolled off to the chain drugstore two blocks away where we had to […]

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Mossy writin’

It rains it Oregon a lot.

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Finally, Sun

First clear day in quite a while. This here is Mt. Hood from the top of Mt. Tabor Park; both mountains are volcanoes (luckily Mt. Tabor is extinct).

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