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Sequoia in the Sun

In Mt Tabor Park.

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Ridgewood Stone Faces 2

Ridgewood Queens, that is. Click to enlarge.

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Nice Old Firehose

From an old downtown NYC building.

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Suite 1905

Jamie Chabot has a photoblog and Flickr account where he posts photos of Mt Hood and other scenes, all taken out the window of his office, the 19th floor of a high-rise in downtown Portland. The Flickr stream is actually more interesting, I think.

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The Sky Can Be Pretty Here, Too

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Ridgewood Stone Faces 1

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beautiful mystery

The always-interesting turned me on to this mysterious photo, and suggests you guess at what it is prior to clicking though.

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Killing Time @ Spuyten Duyvil

Philz on a mechanical bull, and a glass of mead.

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because i have five minutes to kill, here is my cat.

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City Hall, 6pm

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