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Another sort of handpainted sign

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Slanting shed and other photos from South Beloit, Illinois

John P has some evocative photos of South Beloit, Illinois on his latest post. Wish the comment system on BlogSpot worked better–I’d like to write something transcendently uplifting to, well, uplift him from his “desperation, major depressive episode” tagged funk. Favorites are this shed, the shoe sign, and the lit-up Viking bowling alley sign.

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Useless GIF

Our band worked a wedding last year where they had a free photo booth, and needless to say I wasted many a minute taking pictures. I took these then animated them. I don’t know what to do with it. So here it is.

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Woodring Tree

No idea what kind of tree this is, but what trippy flowers.

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Roll On, Columbia

Approaching Portland from the east, near Biggs along the Columbia River. We have arriveded.

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