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Disney, Tesla, UFOs, Nazis!

I might like this better as a novel. The nazi UFO image is pretty good–that should have been the cover! But wait, there’s this! And don’t forget this!

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Hacking is Easy

yipes! Better change my password from “password” now. HACKING IS EASY! from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

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This makes MMH into this. gets an even better treatment.

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You Know, With a Bridge That Might Not Be Such a Good Idea

from the sidebar of this cool article about a condor egg.

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Canyoneering down Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a beautiful, waterfall-full, and really really steep creek (anywhere else this would be called a river) that starts near Mt Hood and ends up, thousands of feet and a dozen miles later, at the near-sea-level Columbia River. It makes it way down a dramatic winding canyon, moss and near-rain-forest thickness growth around […]

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Cookie O’Puss

R did not believe me when I told her about Cookie Puss. And then she doubted Cookie O’Puss! So here is the proof. Shield your eyes. And this here ditty actually gets stuck in my head sometimes: I love it when they say “freshhhhhh” near the end. Gotta dig Wikipedia’s reasoned notes on Cookie Puss: […]

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A Town Called Panic

We caught this stop-motion movie at the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF!) on Sunday. It’s terrific, really kooky and quite funny, good for kids and adults. They have a couple of clips up, but it looks like you have to go to the “official film site” to watch them (couldn’t find a direct link, look […]

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Tech Support

If you don’t understand this read this. via XKCD

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Terrible Tilly

One mile west of Tillamook Head on the Oregon coast sits a lonely rock with an empty seagull-poo-splattered lighthouse. This is its story. On October 21, 1879, four laborers were put on the rock. The rest of the crew followed five days later. Putting men on the rock entailed stringing a 4 ½” line from […]

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Roll Over and Play Dead

These detourned jokes are awesome and sad. A Democratic congressman walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.” The Democratic congressman whimpers, “You’re right, I’m sorry, I never should’ve come in here, it’s all my fault, boo-hoo, please, bend me over, I’ll do whatever you want because I’m a […]

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