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Forbidden Things

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The Sentinels

Crossing the river on US 97 at Biggs, OR.

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Cherry trees

Pink trees in southeast Portland.

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Moss Line

The north-facing wall of a reservoir in Mt Tabor Park. The south-facing wall has almost no moss. So if you’re lost near a reservoir and you’re in the northern hemisphere you can figure out which way is north.

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Signs of Spring, pt 2

More early flowers.

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January Signs of Spring

Ok, it rains solidly and it’s dark for a few months, but the upside is that the first flowers are starting to bloom. Daffodil shoots and snowbells.

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Do not anchor or dredge

This sign was obviously once near the river. Now it’s about a quarter mile away in the cottonwoods in the Sandy river delta.

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Persimmon tree

Persimmon tree seen on a recent walk.

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Cape Lookout beach

A shot along the north side of Cape Lookout, a long narrow ancient lava flow that sticks out into the Pacific. Note that sunny July weather (this is while it’s in the nineties in Portland).

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IQ Test at Moe’s West

I am proud to announce that my lovely wife kicked butt at this IQ test. Three times in a row (while waiting on the chowder for which Moe’s is famous)! I think last time I came to Otter Rock (age 8?) I couldn’t beat this game. The chowder wasn’t as good as I remembered, but […]

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