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a Walk in Forest Park

hey here’s a little space-out mellow audio portrait of a park i made.   a Walk in Forest Park from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

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Weekend Crash Course to Kool NYC (c. 1995)

Austin Hughes’s four-page micro-zine about stuff to do and see in NYC, made (as far as I remember) for a visiting younger cousin of a friend or something. Dojo’s entry mentions “Susan and Andrew,” who must have been the visitor’s host. Anyhow it’s funny and an interesting roundup of the City in the mid-nineties, at […]

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Old Urinal

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Williamsburg Bridge, Power Station

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Monocular Studies

i have a little monocular i carry around in my bag. It only just occured to me to try holding it up to my phone camera. it’s an excercise in patience, as you have to hold it a little away, not exactly on it. Wish i had video…

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Looking West on Beaver Street

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Bodega food review

Ah, the tastes of home. The Internet Celebrities have a couple videos like this, directed by Casimir Nozkowski.

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Ridgewood Stone Faces 2

Ridgewood Queens, that is. Click to enlarge.

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Nice Old Firehose

From an old downtown NYC building.

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The Sky Can Be Pretty Here, Too

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