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Cape Perpetua

It was 100 degrees last week and the experiment in no AC* was showing its weakness, so we took off for the coast. In the Williamette valley it was in the hundreds, but at the coast it was 70, and chilly at night. All that temperature difference also led to some interesting cloud/mist action along […]

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Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala

Doesn’t this look more like the result of a laserbeam from space? What’s with the huge Lovecraftian cavern in that pit? BoingBoing now has more on this. And here’s a Flickr version of the hole photo.

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Brain Eater

Bleah! Another thing to think about when unable to sleep at night. Stumbled upon while researching warm springs in Oregon.

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The Sky Can Be Pretty Here, Too

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Yesterday I left the house to drive to a client, sun shining, lovely day. Ten minutes later it hailed like anything, little sixteenth inch white balls covering everything, bouncing as they hit, knocking petals off trees. I was negotiating icy, baffled traffic so I didn’t get a chance to take a photo until the hail […]

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Canyoneering down Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a beautiful, waterfall-full, and really really steep creek (anywhere else this would be called a river) that starts near Mt Hood and ends up, thousands of feet and a dozen miles later, at the near-sea-level Columbia River. It makes it way down a dramatic winding canyon, moss and near-rain-forest thickness growth around […]

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Mossy writin’

It rains it Oregon a lot.

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Terrible Tilly

One mile west of Tillamook Head on the Oregon coast sits a lonely rock with an empty seagull-poo-splattered lighthouse. This is its story. On October 21, 1879, four laborers were put on the rock. The rest of the crew followed five days later. Putting men on the rock entailed stringing a 4 ½” line from […]

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Bears Move to the City

All too true.

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