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Malarkies cover

Some folks did a nice cover of The Malarkies song Laughter.

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Libration: a song

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The Tape-Beatles: Music with Sound

How come, back when we were listening to Negativland, we didn’t find out about The Tape-Beatles? And by “we” I guess I mean “I.” Why didn’t I know about these guys? Their 1991 album Music With Sound is above. It’s a masterpiece, in a style that brings back fond memories. ..

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Muzak is On It!

There were several of these vans outside a medical building in midtown Manhattan. [Click to see it bigger–though why you would want to…] ..

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Lighthouse for mandolin

Joseph Brent has premiered my Lighthouse for mandolin. Thanks, Joe!

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Use me

Um. There’s debate about whether this is real (photoshop, prank, crossdressing?), but it’s effective. Yipes. The poorly-chosen title is a contemporary hymn. And yes that does look like Stephen Fry. And there was a real Angelus Records, in Glendale, CA. More good suggestive xian album covers here.

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Help Billy make a record

Old pal Dr. Special is almost done with his new rekkid, but would like your help in raising enough dough to release it. Hey, starving artist here. You can pledge to his cause here. I suggested the above image as a cover, but he thought it was too dark. So in revenge I am posting […]

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Rehearsing Marymere in Jackson

“Marymere,” an opera based on Jackson Hole history, in rehearsal. Performance of this new work by Matthew Schickele Saturday at the Pink Garter in Jackson and Sunday at the festival hall in Teton Village.

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Stay A Little Longer

A slightly flat but still excellent alternate take of Bob Wills “Stay a Little Longer,” via John P. There’s a bunch of other Bob Wills videos on YouTube that are excerpts from two post-war western, as helpful (very very rare on YouTube comments) user “Banks1042″ notes: The movie is Lawless Empire – It also features: […]

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Keep on Rockin’!

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