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Malarkies cover

Some folks did a nice cover of The Malarkies song Laughter.

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Cardiff Dungeness Museum – now with video

An audio collage portrait I made from field recordings when we were in the UK last year now has a video — or a slide show, of sorts. I’m fond of this one, though, as I told our gracious hosts after I made it, its creepiness is a reflection of myself, rather than a commentary […]

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Libration: a song

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Science Quote: When We Started

Here’s Hai-Ting singing my setting of a quote by Steven Novella: ..

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Lighthouse for mandolin

Joseph Brent has premiered my Lighthouse for mandolin. Thanks, Joe!

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Gorgeous video by oneedo for the band Danger Beach. Full-screen it!  via Music of Sound.

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Stay A Little Longer

A slightly flat but still excellent alternate take of Bob Wills “Stay a Little Longer,” via John P. There’s a bunch of other Bob Wills videos on YouTube that are excerpts from two post-war western, as helpful (very very rare on YouTube comments) user “Banks1042″ notes: The movie is Lawless Empire – It also features: […]

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Cookie O’Puss

R did not believe me when I told her about Cookie Puss. And then she doubted Cookie O’Puss! So here is the proof. Shield your eyes. And this here ditty actually gets stuck in my head sometimes: I love it when they say “freshhhhhh” near the end. Gotta dig Wikipedia’s reasoned notes on Cookie Puss: […]

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