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Beat Godzilla

Some excellent making-of photos from the Japanese studio that made Godzilla, Rodan, and more.

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tracking radiation in Japan

A volunteer project to track radiation levels (what, you think the government is going to help you with this?)

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Reverberations of the Japan Earthquake

The quake in Japan was detectable in the Cascade volcanoes earth monitors. Did you know that part of Japan is in the North American tectonic plate?

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An Ill Wind

Hooray–we’re all downwind of that reactor. Or one of the other three. Let’s order some iodine tablets! The good news is the leaks are not high in the atmosphere, so they might not reach us. That’s according the industry-friendly NRC, anyhow. So they just go into the ocean and all over eastern Japan. Which also […]

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Japan Relief

We all need to step up and do what we can to help Japan right now. Since some folks are uncomfortable with giving to some of the major charities, who often bring their religion along with their help, the Foundation Beyond Belief is raising funds for secular relief efforts.

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