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If I built a fortune on my delicious muffins, would I be considered a muffinaire?

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All right, I admit I don’t know how to pronounce it. Something like “Lao-gah-mah.” But I know how to enjoy its spicy, crispy goodness. Recommended. Update: the company name is Laoganma, and this particular product is “Spicy Chili Crisp.” Ingredients: Soybean oil, chili, onion, soybean, MSG, prickly ash, sugar, sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite.  

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Mardi Gras in Portland

In the deli case at Sheridan Foods.

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In the last few days I’ve had veggie pasties not once but twice. Both were good, but the one with gluten was better. Surprise. Thanks, Cornwall.

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Their Commitment to Spelling, However, is Rivaled


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Roasted Mushroom ala Sumru

Years ago in a borrowed loft I was taught this excellent method way of preparing mushrooms: -wash and stem mushrooms -place in oiled sheet or something, gills up -drip a few drips of balsamic vinegar in each mushroom – bake/roast at 450 for 15 minutes–or more! The mushroom should be a bit shriveled, and there […]

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Alien Gastronomy

  Squidocto and his better-half never expected their house gift to be featured in the latest Scie-ence comic. An honor!

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Have you had ramps or wild leeks before? They cost a fortune at the farmers market, but they grow all over the hills behind our farm. They are delicious. Kind of like a garlic-y onion with soft greens.

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New Chinese Restaurant just Opened

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Marionberry Jam

The oh so tasty marionberry jam we were given in December is all eaten. It was so good.

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