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Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds

This is the art I was trying to draw when I was eight. Love the title effect! MOUW was a Charlton comic that ran from August 1956 to September 1965. From what I can tell from the covers, every issue was really stupid great! Check out many more covers at the MonsterBrains blog. [Looks like […]

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Hark! A Vagrant

These oft-time historical (and sometimes not so much) comics by Kate Beaton are really funny. Sometime her people reminds me of that of Dylan Horrocks–can’t say why exactly, but they do. Thanks to Squirky for leading me to these (and causing me to waste a few hours reading them all). hee hee

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Tech Support

If you don’t understand this read this. via XKCD

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What Things Do

A nice and allegedly-updated comics anthology website with work by John P., Jordan Crane, and many other talented folks. I like Sammy Harkham‘s stuff–never seen him before or if i did I mistook him for Kevin Huizenga (whose comics I really dig).

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Bears Move to the City

All too true.

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How to Negotiate Like a Democrat (by Lloyd Dangle)

From the great Troubletown strip.

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I Continue To Love The Random

Random Wikipedia. Random WikiMedia. Random Website. Random Perry Bible Fellowship.

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