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The Sentinels

Crossing the river on US 97 at Biggs, OR.

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Wind Mt

Wind Mt is lonely steep little peak at a bend in the Columbia River, above the lumber town of Home Valley. A 1.75 mile trail leads up from the mossy north side. Saturday the sun came out and Wind Mt is short enough that we didn’t have to deal with any snow. At the top […]

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Starvation Creek Falls

Just a short walk from the highwayside parking lot one finds this amazing thing.

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Canyoneering down Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is a beautiful, waterfall-full, and really really steep creek (anywhere else this would be called a river) that starts near Mt Hood and ends up, thousands of feet and a dozen miles later, at the near-sea-level Columbia River. It makes it way down a dramatic winding canyon, moss and near-rain-forest thickness growth around […]

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Roll On, Columbia

Approaching Portland from the east, near Biggs along the Columbia River. We have arriveded.

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