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Mesa Verde Pt 2

We return to Mesa Verde and sign up for a tour of Cliff Palace, the largest of the cliff dwellings/observatories/storehouses/temples built by the ancient Pueblo culture. They had fields (growing squash, beans, and corn) on top of the mesa and houses and other structures beneath. The backs of some of the caves acted as a […]

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Mancos State Park

So we were feeling all cool and prepared from our Durango shopping and ready to take on another chilly night in our next stop, Mancos, CO. The campground was unmanned and completely empty. The reservoir, Jackson Gulch Lake, was so low that the boat ramp ran out before you reached the water. We drove around […]

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Mesa Verde pt 1

From windy Navaho Lake we make our way to Durango. I was expecting some kind of cowboy town; instead we got a 6 lane highway and a super Walmart. We did find an outdoors store, of the sort that only carries Coleman gear, sports junk, and guns. Assault rifles, from the looks of things. We […]

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Cross the Rio Grande

Alamosa, CO. It’s 62 here!

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Blanca Peak

14,000 ft collection of peaks seen from several angles as we rose above the icy clouds and crossed La Veta Pass and decending into the San Luis Valley. Soon we’ll be following the upper Rio Grande before Wolf Creek Pass. It’s a lot warmer here, though really really windy.

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Navaho Lake

We cross Wolf Creek Pass and roll down through Pagosa Springs (mellow on eastern edge, mall-y on the western), then south on a smaller road lined with autumn-leaved cottonwoods to Arboles, CO–almost the New Mexico border–and set up the giant tent (thanks, Naomi!) on a pretty spot overlooking the lake. That night the wind shifts […]

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Wolf Creek Pass

Quite a steep drive up over this pass, we put Froggenfreude to a real test. The car seems to have survived. Just after the top of the pass there’s a pullout with incredible views down into a valley and across at a mountain with cliffs and autumnal aspens. A short trail leads to the eroded […]

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Ice storm

Driving through Kansas and down to Colorado Springs yesterday we went through an annoying but not too dangerous ice storm–we weren’t sliding around and didn’t see any cars flipped over or the like. On a tip from the motel clerk we found a Korean restaurant and had excellent Dolsot Bimbimbop. It’s hidden in a strip […]

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