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Those Colored Pencils I Mentioned

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State animal

Took a linoblock class tonight and made this fellow (in two hours, so there’s more carving to go, but you get the idea).

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I’m sure I’m the last to hear about Xtranormal, the site where you type a script and it instantly renders a movie. Man if I was 12 I would be completely obsessed with this. As it is, I think my test film above will be my last….

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One of the best animations. There, I said it. I remember watching  this at Austin’s house on VHS over and over. And that gasping plus phone still sticks in my ear. Creepy. Great.

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A Town Called Panic

We caught this stop-motion movie at the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF!) on Sunday. It’s terrific, really kooky and quite funny, good for kids and adults. They have a couple of clips up, but it looks like you have to go to the “official film site” to watch them (couldn’t find a direct link, look […]

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Floating-flying Lanterns

I’ve read about these (and their propensity for being mistaken for UFOs) before, but here’s how to make them yourself. Careful where you fly them. There’s way to do the same thing with far-less romantic dry-cleaning bags. Also, make your own fireproof paper or buy some here. But mostly I can’t get over how pretty […]

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What Things Do

A nice and allegedly-updated comics anthology website with work by John P., Jordan Crane, and many other talented folks. I like Sammy Harkham‘s stuff–never seen him before or if i did I mistook him for Kevin Huizenga (whose comics I really dig).

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Small Worlds

A short atmospheric game about exploring. via JayIsGames.

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They Might Be Dreams

I dreamed a song this morning, and just as my eyes opened I realized it was They Might Be Giants playing the song. Their distinctive sound and voices were playing this refrain: There’s a kaleidoscope on fire It’s indefensible the way these lenses tend to burn So my question is, is this a real song […]

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Subtle Graffiti

Ah, what mischief can be done at Dekalb Avenue with only a sharpie.

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