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Roman Swiss Army Knife

A “multitool” (aka Swiss army knife) from 3rd century Roman Britain, from the FitzWilliam museum. [via Kottke]

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Technically, petroglyphs (carvings) and pictographs (paintings). Along the Colorado River canyon near Moab there are lots of drawings and carvings made by ancient and more recent native peoples. We got a little guide book at the excellent Back of Beyond bookstore and got to see a half-dozen sites on both sides of the river just […]

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Mesa Verde Pt 2

We return to Mesa Verde and sign up for a tour of Cliff Palace, the largest of the cliff dwellings/observatories/storehouses/temples built by the ancient Pueblo culture. They had fields (growing squash, beans, and corn) on top of the mesa and houses and other structures beneath. The backs of some of the caves acted as a […]

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Mesa Verde pt 1

From windy Navaho Lake we make our way to Durango. I was expecting some kind of cowboy town; instead we got a 6 lane highway and a super Walmart. We did find an outdoors store, of the sort that only carries Coleman gear, sports junk, and guns. Assault rifles, from the looks of things. We […]

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