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Beautiful, Short, Creepy, Hand-Drawn Animation

Jake Fried‘s channel is full of his gorgeous, semi-abstract animated films. Highly recommended. Here’s just one: Nightfall from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

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This Land is Mine

Nina Paley, the heroic artist and animator who brought us Sita Sings the Blues, has made a beautiful and disturbing short about the history of death in “the holy land.” If you want to follow the story more closely she has also made a viewing guide. (Full screen HD recommended.) This Land Is Mine from […]

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Gorgeous video by oneedo for the band Danger Beach. Full-screen it!  via Music of Sound.

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Storm Movie

Tim Minchin’s classic beat-rant song “Storm” has been deliciously animated. I’m going to be annoying and not embed it here, so you are forced to go and watch it in HD. So when you’ve got 10 minutes to spare for free-thinking fun, GO .

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Pink Elephants on Parade

Sun Ra cover. Doesn’t sync exactly with the Dumbo clip, but pretty good. Love the elephants becoming clouds at the end. via WFMU’s Beware the Blog

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iPhone 4 desire

I still like the iPhone. But I’m no early adapter of anything technical, unless it’s free. This is made with that XtraNormal animation site Squidocto demonstrated before. via Christine Gobbo

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Useless GIF

Our band worked a wedding last year where they had a free photo booth, and needless to say I wasted many a minute taking pictures. I took these then animated them. I don’t know what to do with it. So here it is.

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I’m sure I’m the last to hear about Xtranormal, the site where you type a script and it instantly renders a movie. Man if I was 12 I would be completely obsessed with this. As it is, I think my test film above will be my last….

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One of the best animations. There, I said it. I remember watching  this at Austin’s house on VHS over and over. And that gasping plus phone still sticks in my ear. Creepy. Great.

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A Town Called Panic

We caught this stop-motion movie at the Portland International Film Festival (PIFF!) on Sunday. It’s terrific, really kooky and quite funny, good for kids and adults. They have a couple of clips up, but it looks like you have to go to the “official film site” to watch them (couldn’t find a direct link, look […]

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