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Mr Dobolina

Our friend Spacebarcowboy was returning from Montana to PA over the weekend and of course had a long long delay because of snow in the NorthEast. A. and I are stuck in the lovely Denver airport.  Our 2pm flight is delayed, putting us in EWR at 2 am or so…assuming we actually get there at […]

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Radiation vs thingything vs pat-down

Here’s an apparently-regularly updated list of airports that lack the irradiation option, in case you don’t feel like being x-rayed by potentially unsafe machines.

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Overheard After We had Landed and were Taxiing to the Gate

Well dressed twenty-something pulls out her phone the second they say we can and starts making calls. The call that begins “hi daddy” continues: Yeah (pause) Yeah the flight was okay. (pause) Well it’s just so cramped, you know it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a public airplane.

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JFK, 2009

OK, not much of a photo, but how long has it been since TWA went under?

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