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Storm King (audio collage)

A one-minute audio-collage portrait of Storm King Art Center.

Storm King from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

(The sounds and pics were gathered during a lovely outing with Rosie Cooper, Richard H M Parry, and Hai-Ting Chinn.)

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Sketchy northwestern crow (Corvus Caurinus) from Audubon guide.


Starchy pasta water

Here’s what happens when you leave some water from your pasta cooking on the stove overnight.


Meet the Team

(click to embiggen)

meet the team by squidocto


Come get your stray grindstone

or I’ll sell it.




All right, I admit I don’t know how to pronounce it. Something like “Lao-gah-mah.” But I know how to enjoy its spicy, crispy goodness. Recommended.

Update: the company name is Laoganma, and this particular product is “Spicy Chili Crisp.”
Ingredients: Soybean oil, chili, onion, soybean, MSG, prickly ash, sugar, sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite.



a Walk in Forest Park

hey here’s a little space-out mellow audio portrait of a park i made.


a Walk in Forest Park from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

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Be Like the Beaver


(from a  nifty collection of Canadian posters over at Mental Floss.)

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Escape from Galaxy 3

I started watching this amusing drek SF movie over at Network Awesome and was immediately struck by how much the spaceship effects and bad “majestic” music reminded me of my favorite terrible 70s SF film, StarCrash. Five minutes into the film the villain makes his flagship slow up like a giant hand clenching and–wait a second, they are reusing spaceships and scenes from StarCrash!

In a way, that makes it even better. The interior/soundstage scenes are actually worse than StarCrash. Which is saying something. There’s a long break from spaceship and lasers for the heroes to land on ancient earth and learn about kissing (and more–not a G movie), a disco dance number, and then more spaceships.

Look, this is a terrible and dumb movie. You still might like it.


Time-lapse of planes approaching airport

Somehow this makes me nervous. Maybe because you can see how rough the actual movement of planes is–I like the illusion of slow motion and “plenty of time for the pilot to react” that jet liner flight gives the passenger. It also reminds me of laying on the roof in Brooklyn at night and watching the planes line up for the LaGuardia approach (while trying not to think about the mistakes that can happen).

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