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Cardiff Dungeness Museum – now with video

An audio collage portrait I made from field recordings when we were in the UK last year now has a video — or a slide show, of sorts. I’m fond of this one, though, as I told our gracious hosts after I made it, its creepiness is a reflection of myself, rather than a commentary […]

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Aardvarks are adorable.

Did you know that? That aardvarks are adorable? This fella lives in the London Zoo.

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Animal Musicians

Nice detail work in the banquet hall at Cardiff Castle, Wales. (Click to embiggen.) ..

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Glowing Dino Coin

Yes, I will accept this as legal tender when it is released. It is, after all, the first Canadian glow-in-the-dark dinosaur quarter. Canada, I love you. (Via Blag Hag.) ..

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Mountain Graffiti

Woke up this morning remembering a sentence neatly spray-painted on a rock years ago on a mountain in NW Wales: “You English are welcome to visit but don’t come to live here.” It was just below a resting point on the scramble up Y Garn.

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A fantastic gallery of sci-fi (ish) illustrations by Nikolai Lutohin in the former Yugoslavia.

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Memories of mispent youth

Whoa! Yes, zoom in. Inscrutable to some, dusty neuron firing for others. Via this article on See also David Williams fine articles on Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Gamma World.

Bus bathroom sign

From a Pine Hill Trailways bus bathroom. What this sign really means is “men, please sit down when peeing;” what it appears to mean is “no two chubby guys with hats.”

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Radiation vs thingything vs pat-down

Here’s an apparently-regularly updated list of airports that lack the irradiation option, in case you don’t feel like being x-rayed by potentially unsafe machines.

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Fire festival in Jackson, Wyoming

Fire festival consists of daiko drumming (drummers from Winnipeg), Japanese food (fried or grilled), and a team of locals in robes carrying a stump carved in the likeness of the Grand Teton. Later they light some pyres on fire. But not, so far as I could tell, the wooden mountain.

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