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Malarkies cover

Some folks did a nice cover of The Malarkies song Laughter.

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Storm King (audio collage)

A one-minute audio-collage portrait of Storm King Art Center. Storm King from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo. (The sounds and pics were gathered during a lovely outing with Rosie Cooper, Richard H M Parry, and Hai-Ting Chinn.)

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a Walk in Forest Park

hey here’s a little space-out mellow audio portrait of a park i made.   a Walk in Forest Park from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

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Cardiff Dungeness Museum – now with video

An audio collage portrait I made from field recordings when we were in the UK last year now has a video — or a slide show, of sorts. I’m fond of this one, though, as I told our gracious hosts after I made it, its creepiness is a reflection of myself, rather than a commentary […]

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New semi-abstract audio-collage portrait of the carousel in Forest Park, Queens. 3 minutes. (The carousel, by the way, is both fun and historically significant. You can read more about it here.) —————–

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Agitpop Karaoke

Next time you attend a YouTube-based karaoke party, request this one.

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Libration: a song

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Here’s a lyric I wrote 20-odd years ago. Cuz, you know, why not?   Fink First cry of a fink expelled from a daze. It tries to pretend glass doesn’t pantomime. No hope, now it knows. ..


The Tape-Beatles: Music with Sound

How come, back when we were listening to Negativland, we didn’t find out about The Tape-Beatles? And by “we” I guess I mean “I.” Why didn’t I know about these guys? Their 1991 album Music With Sound is above. It’s a masterpiece, in a style that brings back fond memories. ..

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Trike at the Charlston

Found this old postcard for a Trike/Sprague show, at the Charleston, a bar/pizza joint where the owner would swing flashlights around as makeshift spotlights. Circa 1996?

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