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Starchy pasta water

Here’s what happens when you leave some water from your pasta cooking on the stove overnight.

Libration: a song

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Hardened Geiger

Listening to a radio show about Fukushima this morning made me once again consider buying a geiger counter. So perused Amazon to see what’s what, the damn things are expensive. But never thought of this commenter’s concern: Seems like being anywhere near an atomic detonation you have more to worry about than the geiger counter […]


LIDAR maps

LIDAR is essentially radar or sonar with [freakin’] lasers, plus GPS. A plane with a LIDAR unit can scan the ground below and get really accurate high-resolution 3D maps of the terrain and buildings. You can spot old roads and even trails in forest, buried volcanic craters, odd hidden geological features, map wetland, measure tree […]

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Air Flow wing lift explained

It’s all smoke. No mirrors. I have to be honest, I didn’t think it was one side is faster OR low air pressure, I thought it had to do with vortices and lift. Anyhow, this explanation helps me think about this physical process we all sort of take for granted. Damn, if only there were […]

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Rapping Carl Sagan

A screen capture by Jane Savage. more? Sampled (and way auto-tuned, bleah) Sagan: Glorious Dawn We Are All Connected Our Place In the Cosmos   Soundtrack: Music of Cosmos   Sagan as subject: Swag Pale Blue Dot   Guest appearance

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Hedgehog and More

This fella can be found along with many of his Indian Zoological pals in the extensive New York Public Library Digital Library. ..

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Alien Gastronomy

  Squidocto and his better-half never expected their house gift to be featured in the latest Scie-ence comic. An honor!

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Satanic Dabblers

Well, we can all rest easy. The journal Cultic Studies has just published a paper that has finally cleared us all. The evidence is not consistent with the hypothesis that fantasy role-playing games are precursors to satanic practices. Phew.

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Sunscreen explained graphically

Information is Beautiful takes a stab at explaining how sunscreen is rated (or not), how much you should use, how long it lasts, and what ingredients you oughta avoid. The guy in the drawing looks angry. Maybe when you realize how much sunblock you need to apply to actually have it work for any length […]

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