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This Land is Mine

Nina Paley, the heroic artist and animator who brought us Sita Sings the Blues, has made a beautiful and disturbing short about the history of death in “the holy land.” If you want to follow the story more closely she has also made a viewing guide. (Full screen HD recommended.) This Land Is Mine from […]

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Paper Bag Bandit

Listening to an interview with the Constitution Party candidate today on OPB, I got to hear his advisor wishing to reinstate the death penalty for cattle rustling. Reminding me once again that Oregon is in The West. I by no means recommend voting for these guys.

Spreading Santorum

Just doing our part to spread the Santorum. (Possibly NSFW).

Graphic National Debt

A series of useful charts showing the source and future of the national debt. And guess what? It didn’t start in January 2009.

Here We Go….

This Congressman wants to head the Energy and Commerce Committee: So decisions about energy, oil, climate change, etc. are going to be made by someone who believes “God will decide when to end the Earth, not man.”? That seems like a REALLY bad idea. Of course, he might not get the appointment. No, it might […]

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Election Results 2010

If you must take a look at the depressing results, check out the maps at Politico. Me, I bought a big bottle of barleywine and gonna watch some streaming Netflix and say, “boy are you people easily tricked.*” – – – * works both ways.


You Might As Well Add a Colon After ‘Services’

NYTimes. Oh, and bonus: stupid headline.

Accuse your enemy of what you do

OK, I am slow to keep up with all the political news, but this parody letter by the Tea Party Express chairman is just unbelievable. What the hell? This is absolutely appalling (and not funny to boot). How does he keep his job? That he does must say something about the party he represents, eh? […]

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“out-of-control platitudes”

Oh, Onion. Massive Flow Of Bullsh*t Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters Congressional hearings aimed at stopping the bullshit have thus far failed to do so, with officials from BP and its contractors Halliburton and Transocean only adding to the powerful torrents of bullshit by blaming one another for the accident. Along with the region’s […]

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Budget Graph

The New York Times has a good interactive graph showing Obama’s proposed budget. It might take you a bit of time to find NASA… so why are we cutting them?

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