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A fragment of an Marsuplala episode, animation/live-action robot battle silliness from Alex Chiu and Wally Catton. During “THE PROJECTS” festival I pressed play on their video after moving a piece of wood out of the beam of the projector.

Meet the Team

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Escape from Galaxy 3

I started watching this amusing drek SF movie over at Network Awesome and was immediately struck by how much the spaceship effects and bad “majestic” music reminded me of my favorite terrible 70s SF film, StarCrash. Five minutes into the film the villain makes his flagship slow up like a giant hand clenching and–wait a […]


Brutus Gold?


Extrication Service



Downloaded this iPhone app that is supposed to help you find nearby food carts (and rate them). Something about the location bit seems off.

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So That’s Where All the Circuses have gone.


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Making Whoopee

A short-lived but much appreciated present for our four-year-old nephew. I like the art, which seems to be from the 1920s.

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Paper Bag Bandit

Listening to an interview with the Constitution Party candidate today on OPB, I got to hear his advisor wishing to reinstate the death penalty for cattle rustling. Reminding me once again that Oregon is in The West. I by no means recommend voting for these guys.

Weekend Crash Course to Kool NYC (c. 1995)

Austin Hughes’s four-page micro-zine about stuff to do and see in NYC, made (as far as I remember) for a visiting younger cousin of a friend or something. Dojo’s entry mentions “Susan and Andrew,” who must have been the visitor’s host. Anyhow it’s funny and an interesting roundup of the City in the mid-nineties, at […]

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