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a Walk in Forest Park

hey here’s a little space-out mellow audio portrait of a park i made.   a Walk in Forest Park from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

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New semi-abstract audio-collage portrait of the carousel in Forest Park, Queens. 3 minutes. (The carousel, by the way, is both fun and historically significant. You can read more about it here.) —————–

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The Pump Train

Neat photos of the special subway cars used to pump the water from Sandy out of the tunnels. Photo by MTA/Leonard Wiggins.

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I Do Not Quite Understand This Sign

In Long Island City, NYC.


Weekend Crash Course to Kool NYC (c. 1995)

Austin Hughes’s four-page micro-zine about stuff to do and see in NYC, made (as far as I remember) for a visiting younger cousin of a friend or something. Dojo’s entry mentions “Susan and Andrew,” who must have been the visitor’s host. Anyhow it’s funny and an interesting roundup of the City in the mid-nineties, at […]

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Brooklyn Business


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One Letter Can Change Everything

Reading about this simple, one-letter vandalism over at New York Shitty, I was reminded of Billy’s Topless, the bar that removed an apostrophe to become Billy Stopless to (unsuccessfully) get around the 90s prude laws imposed by Giuliani. ..

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Muzak is On It!

There were several of these vans outside a medical building in midtown Manhattan. [Click to see it bigger–though why you would want to…] ..

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Weird Billboard

This is near my house. Is it just cuz I’m a graphic designer, or is this simultaneously ugly, creepy, and weird? You are hereby ordered to click to see the bigger version, in all its yeesh detail.


Legal Waiting Zone

Strangely specific sign in Queens (Roosevelt Avenue and 108th Street) found by cartoonist John Kerschbaum. He figured out it’s the result of the latest in numerous loitering lawsuits in NYC.

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