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Storm King (audio collage)

A one-minute audio-collage portrait of Storm King Art Center. Storm King from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo. (The sounds and pics were gathered during a lovely outing with Rosie Cooper, Richard H M Parry, and Hai-Ting Chinn.)

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Stinky and pretty.


Sweet Pea

Sweet pea goes through an interesting change as the blossom fades–the fluorescent pink goes first, and there’s this pretty mottled pale blue and little residual pink bits.


Inky Caps

A before and after photo of Lions Mane mushroom, a kind of inky cap. They “self-digest” within 24 hours of picking and can apparently be used as a pale ink (though you should add a caustic anti-molding agent). Left one of these in a bowl and yep, a day later it was a black goo.


Sevenmile Hill

  Sunday we went up little-known Sevenmile Hill near Chenoweth, OR. No trail, and much steeper than it looks. No trees until the top make it hard to gauge distance. The balsamroot and lupin was in full bloom, and Mt Hood to the southwest kept us company. Blackbirds and meadowlarks sang, a few cow moos […]

Matchbox garden

Along a retaining wall near Laurelhurst Park.


Glowing Dino Coin

Yes, I will accept this as legal tender when it is released. It is, after all, the first Canadian glow-in-the-dark dinosaur quarter. Canada, I love you. (Via Blag Hag.) ..

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The Lyle Convict Road

Sunday I explored the remnants of a 1910 road-building project east of Lyle, WA in the Columbia Gorge. Yes, built by convicts. Still lots of road left, despite really poor geology for stable road building. Some exciting sections knocked out, and lots of poison oak arising. Full (too full?) report posted on Portland Hikers forum.

Wind Map

Vary pretty interactive wind map. Semi-accurate. Don’t forget to zoom in! .. (via Mad Art Lab) ..


Mitchell Point

A quick afternoon hike to take advantage of a warm sunny day. Grass Widows in bloom on lower point meadow. Some trees were down on the trail from the icestorm in December. Upper point–you can get fairly far out on the fin before it gets sketchy.   From the tippy top. Looking north in Washington […]