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Come get your stray grindstone

or I’ll sell it.


Be Like the Beaver

(from a  nifty collection of Canadian posters over at Mental Floss.)

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This Land is Mine

Nina Paley, the heroic artist and animator who brought us Sita Sings the Blues, has made a beautiful and disturbing short about the history of death in “the holy land.” If you want to follow the story more closely she has also made a viewing guide. (Full screen HD recommended.) This Land Is Mine from […]

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She Who Watches

Along the flooded huge rapids that once roared in a gorge beneath The Dalles, Oregon still survive a collection of petroglyphs. The cliffs now face a railroad track and a wide placid (but windy) river, but there’s something of the power of the ancient drawings that still impresses. Today we did a guided tour to […]

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Paper Bag Bandit

Listening to an interview with the Constitution Party candidate today on OPB, I got to hear his advisor wishing to reinstate the death penalty for cattle rustling. Reminding me once again that Oregon is in The West. I by no means recommend voting for these guys.

Hardened Geiger

Listening to a radio show about Fukushima this morning made me once again consider buying a geiger counter. So perused Amazon to see what’s what, the damn things are expensive. But never thought of this commenter’s concern: Seems like being anywhere near an atomic detonation you have more to worry about than the geiger counter […]


Beat Godzilla

Some excellent making-of photos from the Japanese studio that made Godzilla, Rodan, and more.

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The Lyle Convict Road

Sunday I explored the remnants of a 1910 road-building project east of Lyle, WA in the Columbia Gorge. Yes, built by convicts. Still lots of road left, despite really poor geology for stable road building. Some exciting sections knocked out, and lots of poison oak arising. Full (too full?) report posted on Portland Hikers forum.

High Five Illustrated

Wikipedia has a series of photos illustrating “hi five–down low–too slow!”in their entry on the High Five. Who are these people? It’s interesting that the “high five” was not widely known until the late 1970s. As a a NYC kid (at least since age 4) I knew “slap me five” but that’s not the same […]

Trike at the Charlston

Found this old postcard for a Trike/Sprague show, at the Charleston, a bar/pizza joint where the owner would swing flashlights around as makeshift spotlights. Circa 1996?

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