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If I built a fortune on my delicious muffins, would I be considered a muffinaire?


Eclipse bread crumbs

Found, unopened, in a cabinet in Gettysburg, PA.

Starchy pasta water

Here’s what happens when you leave some water from your pasta cooking on the stove overnight.


All right, I admit I don’t know how to pronounce it. Something like “Lao-gah-mah.” But I know how to enjoy its spicy, crispy goodness. Recommended. Update: the company name is Laoganma, and this particular product is “Spicy Chili Crisp.” Ingredients: Soybean oil, chili, onion, soybean, MSG, prickly ash, sugar, sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite.  


So That’s Where All the Circuses have gone.


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Moominvalley Biscuits

Of course I had to buy these. There is something dad about how commercially successful the Moomins are in other countries. Ever seen the Japanese Moomin cartoon? I thought it was dreadful. But seeing these characters still makes me happy.

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Stop the Presses!

I have chosen my favorite variety of pear. The winner is labelled “d’anjou,” which is I think one and the same as Anjou. The common green kind. There is a red variety of the Anjou that our old friends the Euwers of Parkdale, OR discovered, nurtured, and patented. We love them Euwers, but I think […]

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Mardi Gras in Portland

In the deli case at Sheridan Foods.



In the last few days I’ve had veggie pasties not once but twice. Both were good, but the one with gluten was better. Surprise. Thanks, Cornwall.


The People’s Pig

Yet to catch this food cart at lunch, but I love the sign. Corner of Alder and Ninth in downtown Portland. Note the rare blue sky.

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