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A fragment of an Marsuplala episode, animation/live-action robot battle silliness from Alex Chiu and Wally Catton. During “THE PROJECTS” festival I pressed play on their video after moving a piece of wood out of the beam of the projector.

Escape from Galaxy 3

I started watching this amusing drek SF movie over at Network Awesome and was immediately struck by how much the spaceship effects and bad “majestic” music reminded me of my favorite terrible 70s SF film, StarCrash. Five minutes into the film the villain makes his flagship slow up like a giant hand clenching and–wait a […]


Connecticut Cemetery

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Downtown Abbey

David Mitchell complains, entertainingly and accurately, about Downtown Abbey. My own complaint about the show is that the aristocrats are far too nice to the underlings. Not that I’ve watched it. Manor House would give one a better understanding of the real workings of an Edwardian mansion.

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This Land is Mine

Nina Paley, the heroic artist and animator who brought us Sita Sings the Blues, has made a beautiful and disturbing short about the history of death in “the holy land.” If you want to follow the story more closely she has also made a viewing guide. (Full screen HD recommended.) This Land Is Mine from […]

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His father helped me get into the academy


The Pool Returns

We eventually removed them from our blogroll, but I’m happy to report that is showing signs of activity. They’re certainly not up to any sort of daily-posting level, but I’m glad to have them back. And they pointed me to this, which is the bestest thing ever: ..


The Tripods

Ah, memories… dare I try and watch it again? Dare I? (Well, no, probably not.)

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Altar, Mafioso

[click to enlarge] This is a still from the 1962 Italian film Mafioso. It’s an altar on Sicily in the movie; note the severed hand and breasts. Go figure.


Train to Edinburgh

OK, one more of these sketches. I love the persistent misunderstanding.