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How to Draw Bugs Bunny

It’s always interesting to see people drawing, and even though this is a late-form Bugs (getting hyper-cute), I like watching it unfold and hearing the comment about the detail of the subtleties of a smile and a getting a leg to carry weight (despite drawings have no weight).   via Kottke

Moebius RIP

Lost one of the greats today, Jean Giraud aka Moebius, terrific and hugely influential French cartoonist. Sad. Interview from Comics Journal Elijah Brubaker has nice memory of meeting him.


Magic Cat: in 2D

“The Darkness” by Boulet

He’s irresistible. [via Kate Beaton’s Tumblr (which is also fun to read).]

Legal Waiting Zone

Strangely specific sign in Queens (Roosevelt Avenue and 108th Street) found by cartoonist John Kerschbaum. He figured out it’s the result of the latest in numerous loitering lawsuits in NYC.

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Gabby Schulz’s “Sick”

Do you too get mighty depressed when sick? OK, this is worse that the typical flu. And an exploration of  some dark self-loathing and regret, and then what I assume is auto-biographical history. But read it! It’s really good. Available in giant wait five-minutes-to-load posts (1-10, or the even bigger 1-14). I’d start with the […]


Work and Win, Starring Fred Fearnot

A collection of covers for this early-twentieth century dime novel found on Annie Murphy’s blog caught my eye. Nice design, even if the hero’s name is absolutely ridiculous. I think Mr Burns must have been reading these as a kid. Dig the owls flying out of the woods. The transcribed contents of Work and Win, […]


Sexy Halloween Costumes

“Sexy” costumes by Jillian Tamaki.

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The Best Art Speaks for Itself

(via picturecool)


It’s Great to be Alive!

This old safety manual over at retronaut could also be called There are many ways to die, kids. (via Mad Art Lab)

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