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The Long Journey

  This comic at The Bouletcorp is notable for being all sorts of awesome, and also for the neat-o looong format. (h/t sci-ence)

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Real Stuff by Dennis Eichhorn

Real Stuff was a comic published in the early 1990s by Fantagraphics. True-life stories written by Idahoan Dennis Eichhorn were illustrated by various indie-comics artists, including Pat Moriarity, Jim Woodring, Julie Doucet, Pete Bagge, and Michael Dougan. Now BoingBoing has started reprinting select stories and posting color versions of some. Check out their ongoing gallery. […]



A fragment of an Marsuplala episode, animation/live-action robot battle silliness from Alex Chiu and Wally Catton. During “THE PROJECTS” festival I pressed play on their video after moving a piece of wood out of the beam of the projector.

Pandyland random comic generator

what it says on the tin


Moominvalley Biscuits

Of course I had to buy these. There is something dad about how commercially successful the Moomins are in other countries. Ever seen the Japanese Moomin cartoon? I thought it was dreadful. But seeing these characters still makes me happy.

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Weekend Crash Course to Kool NYC (c. 1995)

Austin Hughes’s four-page micro-zine about stuff to do and see in NYC, made (as far as I remember) for a visiting younger cousin of a friend or something. Dojo’s entry mentions “Susan and Andrew,” who must have been the visitor’s host. Anyhow it’s funny and an interesting roundup of the City in the mid-nineties, at […]

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Sh*t From an Old Notebook #1. Includes several Beekeeper cover ideas from 1995 NYC. Now available in SE Portland in the IPRC Zine Machine.

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Critiquing New Yorker cartoons

After a few weeks of intrigue, Tom Hart has revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the recent New Yorker cartoon analysis site, Sh*t My New Yorker Cartoons. Older posts are here. I guess the title is a reference to the blog-turned-short-lived-TV-show, “Sh*t My Dad says?” Not sure what happened to the verb, but anyway, […]

Visiting David Lasky’s studio

David was kind enough to show me his studio yesterday. The endpapers of the lengthy Carter Family book being inked, the inky inkwell, alternate coloring plan, pen nib tests, and more. Thanks, David!

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“Contact” by Harvey Kurtzman

Rrowr, rrrrummmm, zzzeeoosh, whomp, clank, pow