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Hercules vs the bad special effect

Stop punching yourself

Smith Cabin

A beautiful unfinished mansion of a cabin, a cowboy pagoda, a sad story.

Another sort of handpainted sign

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A fragment of an Marsuplala episode, animation/live-action robot battle silliness from Alex Chiu and Wally Catton. During “THE PROJECTS” festival I pressed play on their video after moving a piece of wood out of the beam of the projector.

Storm King (audio collage)

A one-minute audio-collage portrait of Storm King Art Center. Storm King from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo. (The sounds and pics were gathered during a lovely outing with Rosie Cooper, Richard H M Parry, and Hai-Ting Chinn.)

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Sketchy northwestern crow (Corvus Caurinus) from Audubon guide.

Meet the Team

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a Walk in Forest Park

hey here’s a little space-out mellow audio portrait of a park i made.   a Walk in Forest Park from Matthew Schickele on Vimeo.

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Be Like the Beaver

(from a  nifty collection of Canadian posters over at Mental Floss.)

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