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Beautiful, Short, Creepy, Hand-Drawn Animation

Jake Fried‘s channel is full of his gorgeous, semi-abstract animated films. Highly recommended. Here’s just one: Nightfall from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

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A few seconds in the hall of Pacific Peoples

listen to ‘A few seconds in the hall of Pacific Peoples’ on Audioboo

Dog Tall Tale

listen to ‘Dog Tall Tale’ on Audioboo

This appeared in ripley’s…

listen to ‘This appeared in ripley's…’ on Audioboo

Mysterious beeping on bus

listen to ‘Mysterious beeping on bus’ on Audioboo

Potato Sack Art

A whole gallery full of ’em, thanks to Popkulture. ..

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Staten island ferry

listen to ‘Staten island ferry’ on Audioboo

This Land is Mine

Nina Paley, the heroic artist and animator who brought us Sita Sings the Blues, has made a beautiful and disturbing short about the history of death in “the holy land.” If you want to follow the story more closely she has also made a viewing guide. (Full screen HD recommended.) This Land Is Mine from […]

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So That’s Where All the Circuses have gone.


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Aardvarks are adorable.

Did you know that? That aardvarks are adorable? This fella lives in the London Zoo.

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