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Hercules vs the bad special effect

Stop punching yourself

Smith Cabin

A beautiful unfinished mansion of a cabin, a cowboy pagoda, a sad story.

Another sort of handpainted sign

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If I built a fortune on my delicious muffins, would I be considered a muffinaire?


Eclipse bread crumbs

Found, unopened, in a cabinet in Gettysburg, PA.

Real Stuff by Dennis Eichhorn

Real Stuff was a comic published in the early 1990s by Fantagraphics. True-life stories written by Idahoan Dennis Eichhorn were illustrated by various indie-comics artists, including Pat Moriarity, Jim Woodring, Julie Doucet, Pete Bagge, and Michael Dougan. Now BoingBoing has started reprinting select stories and posting color versions of some. Check out their ongoing gallery. […]



A fragment of an Marsuplala episode, animation/live-action robot battle silliness from Alex Chiu and Wally Catton. During “THE PROJECTS” festival I pressed play on their video after moving a piece of wood out of the beam of the projector.


Sketchy northwestern crow (Corvus Caurinus) from Audubon guide.

Starchy pasta water

Here’s what happens when you leave some water from your pasta cooking on the stove overnight.